Students and their horses with pictures to come soon!

Sara Lucia and JoMar's Teddy

Ariel Burmeister and her Cremello gelding Marshmallow

Chrissy Sample and her horse Shorty

Callie and her first place ribbon in her very first dressage show

Callie McLerran and JoMar's Flash were Intro champions their first time out together

Catherine Hinojosa and her QH gelding Rex aka Reckless Endeavor

Catherine Hinojosa and her Argentine Sport Horse mare Sabrina Fair

Sydney Rash and her pony Pirate

Alisha Woodall on JoMar's Teddy

Marissa Gomez and the Welsh Cob stallion Dandardel Helios

Marissa and her OTTB Cruze Control

Marissa on her other OTTB Angleterre

Marissa and Angleterre showing at Curragh Dressage

Marissa Gomez and her Welsh Cob Diamond K Monte


Emily Curtis riding Pecan Creek Sweet Lullaby, Welsh Pony owned by Karen Geddie.
Schooling at Greenwood June 2014

Skylar Millhouser and Shiner

Jessica Dilworth on her warmblood gelding Liam

Amy Reves and her Paint horse Chocolate

Callie McLerran on JoMar's Sunny

Marissa Strnad on her own pony Joey